Pick a New Year’s Theme With Me!

Evidence-based guidance says to pick a theme, rather than set goal-like New Years Resolutions. A theme can weather the realities of how our climb to recovery or our plummet into dystopia happens to be looking on a given day, and be similarly flexible within our individual life-moments of soaring and inevitable curveballs. A theme offers small nudges when possible to move the trendline we are trying to improve. A theme can be something we already do or have, but give us an opportunity to focus on shifting this in all those little moments for a stretch.

More, though. A seasonal theme speaks to me right now. Looking out 3 months is accessible. It feels like something I can touch. 

My new year’s theme is creating.
My winter theme is digital creating.

My personal theme is allostasis.
My personal winter theme is changeover.

What’s yours? 

Big thanks to my little buddy’s obsession with explainer videos that served CGP Grey’s awesome video right up!

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